The Saboteur Archetype can either exist directed inward or outward, and it is a particularly negative experience for most everyone, and yes, everyone can have this archetype. When it rears its ugly head, the results are never positive. The archetype runs on fear and low self-esteem, resulting in issues that cause you to make choices that block your own empowerment or success. It is either self-destructive behavior or a crummy desire to undermine others.

If you find yourself sabotaging your every move, or desiring to do so to others, ask yourself honestly to identify how you are forfeiting your power and why? The Saboteur is the voice that tells you to not go work out, you can eat/drink that, start your healthier lifestyle tomorrow, it’s perfectly fine to waste the entire day, you can finish your work tomorrow; and that’s just on the small scale. The Saboteur robs you of your power. An active Saboteur Archetype in the light, however, alerts you to those that are trying to tear you down.

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