Love is an emotional feeling, a positive one at that. It is vital to sustenance and purity of any relationship. And the truth is that if you really care about someone you would be all in for that special person.

However the journey does not start with love in most cases. It actually starts with trust. Trusting another person or not could be what determines if you are willing to love the person or not. Many times we doubt and cannot even trust ourselves. How easy can it be to trust another person then?

But the longevity and sustenance of your relationship with anyone is not that you do not love them or care for them. It is just that you expect more from them, you expect that they should be the perfect role model or partner for your happiness.

The thing is that with love or trust you just have to embrace imperfection and never expect anything. If you truly want to love someone you have to start learning how to trust and stop waiting for the person to be the perfect partner. It all starts with you.

Trust makes you see who you really are

What is your strength? What do you really want from your partner? Perhaps you simply do not trust yourself that is why you are not willing to stop holding on. With trust you can know your strength in love or not.

Trust gives you balance

When you can start trusting you can have the emotional balance you need to find what you truly desire. You stop seeing borders or boundaries but you start finding what you truly seek from the other person.

Trust is an assurance

Trust serves as a security. You can hold on to something more accepting than just giving to someone. Trust makes you accept than simply giving. Trust assures you to be hopeful, it makes you realize that whatever is going wrong will go right. Yes things can become okay if you trust more.

Trust makes you evaluate yourself

Perhaps you need to find reasons to believe and value yourself more in the relationship. Trust makes you see yourself in a more formidable light and positions you in an arena of strength rather than weakness.

Trust means peace

Trust gives you peace and settles differences. You can find reasons to be at ease not only with the other person but also with yourself.

Trust gives birth to honesty

Trust makes you focus on what great thing you already have going on. You can discover what is real in the relationship. In every relationship there is always something to hold on to. And trust makes you find those values that can take your relationship further.

Trust means progress

Trust doesn’t halt the relationship, but drives and steers it ahead. Trust wants things to improve, to have a direction and to grow. You can only make progress if you are willing to trust more.


While love stays and endures, it can dissipate and can get torn to pieces without trust. Trust is the fuel that keeps love alive. Trust makes a survival of any relationship. Trust is also where your journey of love starts. To love you have to start learning how to trust.

Trust may be a difficult emotional element to share, however when you are willing to start getting the best from those around you, you have to be willing to let go of something. It may not be as explosive as love, but trust will make you less selfish and show that you are willing to give a special person a chance to do right or wrong with you. And if you believe that it will be alright, you will find the goodness you are after.