Angels are messengers of the sacred. They can brighten any situation and shed light on the darkest of times. Although not human, we often speak of people as Angels. Angelic qualities include those of being highly spiritual and selflessly caregiving, and an encounter with them always has an uplifting effect on the spirit. This is why artists, musicians, and writers are sometimes associated with the angelic—their work brings encounters with an otherworldly beauty associated with heaven, the divine, and the afterlife.

In Jewish, Christian, and Islamic teachings the Archangel Michael is known for his defense of all children and against the armies of Satan. The Archangel Gabriel also appears in both the Old and New Testaments. He interprets the dreams of the prophet Daniel and foretells the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary. He is also said to have revealed the Koran to the Prophet Mohammad.

It is no wonder that so many traditional images depict angels with shining trumpets. They are the heralds—in any number of forms and through many different guises—that come to us in dreams and thoughts to awaken us to the truth. But they are also the guardians who protect us during the darkest of hours.

Other Examples
Raphael, Uriel; the Cherubim and Seraphim

Angels are the strongest messengers of the spiritual who can protect, inspire and lead the downtrodden to a safe place.

Because they are not human, they are not a constant and reliable presence. 

Inspiration, enlightenment, healing, and protecting the defenseless


“Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you.” -Saint Francis of Assisi

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