“There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now.” – Buddha

Spiritual people exist on a higher plane of existence and are drawn to questions of faith and consciousness. Whether they are Healers, Nuns, Saints, Mystics, Gurus, or laypeople that have strong religious faith, they yearn to make the spiritual and transcendent part of their own daily lives and the lives of others.

The Spiritual family of archetypes is full of people who rely on their dreams, their intuition, their faith, and even messages from angels and higher powers that lead them further along on life’s journey. Their presence can be as calming as it is uplifting and their powers to teach and heal both body and soul can be profound.

The Healer/Shaman

Healers are knowledgeable articulate and informative. They are comfortable in their chosen spiritual arenas and also very intuitive because their focus is always on others, not themselves.

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The Saint

It’s hard not to love Saints. They are humble, selfless, uplifting and always willing to help in a crisis.

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The Religious Servant

Humble, kind and disciplined, the deeply religious can be inspirational teachers and friends.

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The Mystic

Mystics can be inspiring and capable of invoking ecstasy with even more potency than poets or musicians. They have a way of encouraging higher spheres of interaction in all circumstances.

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The Guru

Gurus, by nature, want to see people become their best selves, so while they can be tough teachers, they are empathetic in a parental way. They are also ideal role models.

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The Angel

Angels are the strongest messengers of the spiritual who can protect, inspire and lead the downtrodden to a safe place.

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The Martyr

For a Martyr, when the belief in God is so great, more important than anything else in life, there can seem to be no choice but to sacrifice everything including life itself to defend the right to believe.

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The Demigogue

Spiritual demigogues use the same charisma that brought them to their positions of power to abuse and defraud.

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