A a Rebel by nature, rules, deadlines and obligations can fire up your inner stress monster. But when you can’t blow stuff off (or blow stuff up), use these tension tamers to give a satisfying one-finger salute to whatever’s getting under your skin.

Free Yourself
Nobody needs to be brought down, least of all the rebel-kind. Declare your personal independence from the little things that are stressing you out. Maybe you can’t quit your day job, but you can stop getting drinks with the friend who thinks she knows what’s best for you and tell your neighbor to stop blasting Miley Cyrus. Little things, big impact.

See the Good
You bulldoze your way through life (natch), but sometimes pushing back leaves you feeling frustrated and alienated. To lighten your load, try challenging the negative thinking that’s sending you to stress land. If having to watch your nephews seems like a drag, for example, turn it into fun time for you—take them to play paintball, teach them to skateboard, or turn the living room into a mosh pit.

Open Up
That non-conformist fire in your veins may have you pushing people away, but even restless Rebels can get appreciate a good bonding session. And your maverick DNA can lead the way. Whatever ticks you off, talk about it, share it, and like a million-dollar infomercial, relating to those experiences will have you and your listener bonded in a beautiful bitch-fest that will show stress the door.

Curse Like a Sailor
Dropping F-bombs feels good! Do we even need to spell this out? According to findings from Rouen Business School in France, expressing your irritation is a super-effective coping mechanism for stress because it puts you back in control. Letting your temper flare briefly can actually cause your brain to reduce less of the stress hormone cortisol. Just keep the rants private, and not in your boss’s face. Even if he deserves it.