Like everything else in life, stress is just one more thing to be conquered with style and grace. When tension takes over, use these ideas—and your high-heeled oxford pumps—to kick it curbside.

Expose Yourself to Art
Nothing soothes a Tastemaker’s soul like a parade of beautiful things. Click to buy (a glossy lipstick, a crisp belt, a graphic pillow), peruse fine art, or enjoy some high-end window-shopping. Research shows that simply shifting your brain activity away from the stressor can be a powerfully uplifting distraction.

Take a Selfie
That’s right. Flip your cell phone lens and capture that grumpy glare. Now force a smile and snap again. So much better—and more relaxed. A study in the journal Psychological Science showed that people who smiled after a stressful task slowed their heart rates more than people who wore a neutral expression. Seeing your smile can also trigger happy emotions, as our brain’s so-called mirror neurons copy the emotions they see.

Go Face First
A slew of new pampering products promise to undo the toll stress takes on your skin, including dryness, dullness and rapid aging. Their double-duty promise: Many contain essential oils, which have been shown to reduce stress perception. Two to try: 21 Drops De-Stress Essential Oil Rollerball, with German chamomile and frankincense, and Aveda’s Stress-Fix Body Lotion and Concentrate, with organic lavender and clary sage.