Committed. Sustainable. Purposeful.

The Advocate’s sense of compassion touches every aspect of your life, dwelling included. Materialism isn’t your thing, but you pay close attention to the origins of the things you buy. Naturally the Advocate’s space is full of fair-trade furniture, handcrafted textiles, and upcycled accents from the world over. If it doesn’t have a story behind it or benefit a person in need, you’re not all that attached.
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It’s not enough for the Advocate’s clothes to merely look eco-friendly, though you do have a penchant for earthy colors and organic and natural fabrics, like cotton, canvas, and linen. No mass-market merchandise for you; the Advocate’s high-function wardrobe is founded upon the handmade and repurposed, and you prefer uncommon accessories made by local vendors and skilled artisans on distant continents (whether you picked them up personally or not).

You’re in the habit of filling your kitchen with sun-warmed produce from the nearby farmer’s market, punctuated by a free-range hen, for instance, or wild-caught fish, and non-genetically modified whole grains. For Advocates, food is not so much about consumption as conservation, and this sense of advocacy informs every meal.
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While everyone loves a relaxing vacation, the Advocate’s must be anchored by a greater purpose. The ultimate ecotourist, you’re likely to be exploring wildlife off the beaten path, taking a volunteer sabbatical in a less-developed country, or building houses with groups like Habitat for Humanity. It’s not just about being selfless; helping others and minimizing your impact on the earth is what makes Advocates feel good. 
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Advocates like to keep it natural, so you make a conscious effort to keep your routine minimal. Easy on you and easy on the environment is what works for your life. What better way to accomplish that than with organic products in recycled packaging? Eco-friendly, herbal, conscientious, locally made, and organic: these are the words you look for on your pared-down labels.
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