Performance-Driven. Functional. On the Go. 

For the Athlete, a day without movement is not much of a day at all. Competitive by nature, Athletes are as motivated as they come, energy-boosting food is your fuel, and your body shows it. Whether you’re more about the slow stretch and burn or an all-out adrenaline junkie, you approach every physical activity with drive, focus, and unparalleled endurance. 
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Sporty gadgets, apps, and on-the-go music to download are ways of amplifying the Athlete’s routine and keeping you motivated (not that you need much help). From virtual workouts to tracking technology to sweat-proof, waterproof audio accessories, it’s all a means to keeping you moving. 

Whether you’re fueling up pre-work with healthy shakes you’ve made in your blender or unwinding post-gym by watching your sport of choice on your big-screen TV, the Athlete’s home pulses with as much energy as you do.
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The Athlete is not shy about showing off your toned body (you’ve earned it), but you like to keep it casual. Think form-fitting, not skin-tight. Even if you wear your sports gear to the gym only, you opt for high-performance pieces that are multifunctional by design. 

When it comes to grooming, Athletes value the power of a turbocharged moisturizer, waterproof sunscreen, and chemical-free products. Past your bare necessities, your routine is super-streamlined. Anti-aging products (to counter time in the sun), revitalizing body scrubs, and vitalizing nutritional supplements are among the Athlete’s go-tos.
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