Comfortable. Thoughtful. Dependable.

Whether you’re a family guy, reliable neighbor, or the one everyone comes to for help, the home is the Caregiver’s turf. Even if you didn’t build it from the ground up with your bare hands (although you may have!), there’s a sense of pride connected to the Caregiver’s castle. Primarily because it’s a safe haven for friends, family, and friends of friends alike.
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The Caregiver is the type to take matters into your own hands, the kitchen included. Why let someone else cook when you can do it yourself? Regardless of whether you’re a culinary master, your love for delicious meals gets ignited by a new recipe (preferably with easy one-stop-shop ingredients), and you also have a roster of go-to comfort foods.
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You’re not one to put a lot of time into getting dressed —  even if your schedule would permit it. Instead, the Caregiver takes a more relaxed approach and rely on a closet of comfortable basics, no-dry-cleaning-required staples, and shoes that are in it for the long haul.

If your grooming routine takes longer than roughly five minutes, you know you’re doing something wrong. Caregivers have got other people to take care of, which necessitates quick and near-effortless personal maintenance. Once you have your hairstyle and grooming regimen/products down, you stick with it so you can be good to go in a hurry.
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As everyone’s buddy, it’s vital that the Caregiver alternates bustling (and taxing) family trips with personal getaways, even if it’s just the rare weekend jaunt or anniversary escape. Carving out time to flee routine (and step out of your comfort zone) is key to restoring peace of mind and rekindling enthusiasm.
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