Inspired. Vibrant. Beautiful.

From the hand-picked vintage to the new handicraft, Creatives find and make beauty everywhere. When people step into a Creative’s home, which also functions as a studio and exhibition space, they can expect to be captivated by every visual detail. Even if you’re not an artist in the conventional sense, the you collect and create with the eye and hand of one — and your home reflects it. 
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One word: unique. The pursuit of beauty, in every form, is the Creative’s underlying motivation in life. When it comes to getting dressed, your appreciation of design and flair for the eclectic come through in spades. A dose of whimsy; bold, bright colors; and a casual attitude: it’s all in the Creative’s mashup.

Unafraid to experiment with new color and texture, you see your face as a palette. Dramatic or simple, the Creative is keen to give yourself a makeover and you take cues from unlikely places, like arresting photography and quirky street-style spottings. But when it comes down to it, keeping your routine relaxed is key.
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With a knack for flavor juxtapositions, an appreciation of the artisanal, and true talent for entertaining, Creatives have the rare ability to throw delightfully motley dinner parties. Guests should never expect to see the ordinary on your artfully set table. Instead, an active imagination is a key ingredient in the Creative’s madcap recipes. 
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In the Creative’s ongoing search for aesthetic bliss, a trip — whether the exotic bazaar, weekend farmer’s market, or overseas expedition — is only valuable if it provides inspiration. While you revel in the atmosphere of flea markets, art fairs, and music festivals, what makes Creatives so special is your ability to establish instant camaraderie and channel a muse anywhere. 
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