Worldly. Curious. Insatiable. 

You know you have a wandering spirit. The question is: where will it lead you? Bold, independent adventurers like to have the unknown unravel before their feet, and when the next destination beckons, Explorers are quick to respond. If anyone is willing to sample stir-fried grubs, embark on a safari, or just say “yes” without looking back, it’s going to be you.
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When you do find yourself at home — which usually isn’t for long — the Explorer still wants to feel transported to far-away lands. You elevate your space by filling it with one-of-a-kind items from exotic locales, adventure photography, original art, and eclectic objects of curiosity. Even if you use your home base for simply sleeping and getting ready, it eloquently illustrates your inquisitive personality and zeal for life.
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When you aren’t bringing jewelry and clothing back from your travels, the Explorer is seeking fashions with a global vibe that are practical to boot. Sure, Explorers value individualized style (and have cultivated a look that is all your own), but you also prioritize activity-ready gear that’s weather-proof and long-lasting. It’s not that you’re hard on your clothes, per se. It’s just that life, well, happens. 

The authentic and atypical: while most people are content to order the comfort foods they know and love, you’re a seeker who connects what you eat to experience. It’s not just about what’s on your plate; it’s about where you are and the journey that has gotten you there. Explorers sample, savor, and even if you don’t like it, you’re thrilled to have tried something new. 
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Explorers have got stamina, so you’re not one to shy away from high-endurance training that pushes your boundaries and prepares you for your next adventure. When it comes to gym routines, Explorers get bored easily, so it’s necessary to mix it up by trying new workouts, experimenting with extreme sports, accelerating your energy with powerful superfoods, and most important, challenging yourself.
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