Smart. Sophisticated. Discerning.

When it comes to the Intellectual’s home, the more stimulating the environment the better. From your rich blend of the antique and contemporary to you time-tested appliances and vast collection of books (many purchased upon recommendation from reviews and like-minded friends), Intellectuals know the value of a reliable, evocative (and at times provocative) objects.
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Multifunctional skincare and grooming products as smart as you are: that’s what Intellectuals look for when perusing the beauty counter. While likely to keep your routine minimal (loading it on isn’t your style), the Intellectual prefers science-based, doctor-tested products from trusted lines. Another necessity: a classic cologne that exudes substance and a top-notch razor.
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For you, wellness is a work in progress and exercising isn’t a sporadic activity but a scripted routine. Seeing the effects of your hard work grants you satisfaction, and you have a keen understanding of the benefits of a formulaic workout — particularly one that’s smart and efficient (read maximum calories burned in the shortest amount of time), so you can promptly cross it off your day’s checklist.
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In the Intellectual’s world, function trumps form, so you relish practical gadgets that provide a clear-cut use and enhance the everyday. From informative apps to Kindles and iPads, anything that encourages you to learn and discover is among your go-to gear.
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Classic and refined, the detail-oriented Intellectual values iconic brands that carry provenance. Though practical, the Intellectual’s elevated sense of style remains intact, from your studied choice of sports jacket to timeless loafer. Old-world quality is always a plus, if not a must, and so is an enduring sense of simplicity.