Fearless. Irreverent. I Don’t Give A…

An iconoclast, the Rebel is all about disrupting the norm. Your closet, packed with offbeat pieces by cutting-edge designers, reflects it. Caution isn’t your thing; the Rebel projects a wild streak, whether by way of lingerie and leather (a motorcycle jacket is a must), severe studs, or an eyebrow-raising hemline. 

A smoky eye with loaded lashes and vampy red lip: where others shy away, the Rebel embraces a seductive face. But it’s not just about looking like a bad girl; sexy dishevelment comes naturally to Rebels (if your eyeliner is too perfect, it’s just wrong). Also in your arsenal: super-powered skincare products and industrial-grade concealer, to combat jet lag and all-nighters. 
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Whether getting ready for a night out or the party’s at your place, the Rebel needs a tricked-out sound system with the capability to blast your ears off (and possibly unnerve the neighbors). If the bass isn’t thumping from the Rebel’s living room, it’s pumping from your high-grade headphones. 
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The Rebel’s boldness doesn’t stop at taste in food — and certainly not drinks. With a try-anything-twice attitude, you’re the one at the table ordering the tripe Milanese, bloody steak, or potent cocktail that makes your friends plead for a chaser. And then you’re the one hitting the after-hours spot long after the check has dropped. 
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As someone who thrives on unpredictability, the Rebel has created a home base pulsating with a gutsy mix of provocative art, flickering candles, and graphic prints. The Rebel’s favorite spot just might be your professional-grade bar — or, of course, your bed. 
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