Exclusive. Exquisite. Only the Best.

More likely to frequent the counter at Saks than your local drugstore, you treasure top-of-the-line quality for your face. It’s not that you’re swayed by pretty packaging; you demand effective products that make you feel pampered. From decadent creams to haute-couture lipstick, the frequent facial to the lengthy massage, you know you deserve only the best. 

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Your impeccable ensembles come by way of the most exclusive (and expensive) designers. Among your pillars of style: shoes and bags from quintessential houses (if you don’t have a Birkin in your vast collection, it’s likely on your list), an authoritative pair of stiletto pumps, sumptuous cashmere, heirloom-quality scarves, and a hefty dose of diamonds. 


From your 300-thread-count sheets to extensive wine cellar to custom window treatments, your home projects an air as regal as your demeanor. You have a flair for interior design, but you’re more inclined to hire someone to decorate for you, whether it’s your primary address or more relaxed second residence. Either way, where you are is sure to be the very picture of good taste. 

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As a lover of fine dining, you’re one to indulge — but you counter it by working out with your personal trainer, breaking a sweat at a top-notch gym, or decompressing at a luxurious spa. And when you’re not enjoying the courses at your favorite five-star restaurant, you’re opting for healthy meals and juice, delivered straight to your home. 

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While no one would label you a technology junkie, you insist that your electronics be first-rate, from the components of your home theater system (or flat-screen TV for every room in the house) to your slick smartphone (as a person of influence, it’s vital you feel connected). Anything démodé or overtly out-of-date isn’t going to cut it. 

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