Serene. Balanced. Soulful.

Home is the Spiritual’s sanctuary. An inviting array of candles, global finds, and soothing furnishings adds up to a peaceful ambience, the perfect environment in which to sit quietly and formulate your day’s purpose. Home is a Spiritual’s retreat from the chaotic outside world.
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For Spirituals, exercise isn’t just about staying in top physical shape. It’s about the big picture: wellness encompasses the mind, body, and soul in equal measure. With an all-embracing outlook on fitness, the Spiritual believes in mindful eating, thoughtful breathing, and living with intention.
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Those who never stop seeking crave clothes that are up for the journey. The Spiritual requires high functionality, and comfortable, natural fabrics (think cotton, linen, and canvas) made by fair-trade brands. You have an appreciation for the handmade and organic, and you’re drawn to earthy colors for a sense of style that’s easy on the eyes — and mind.

The Spiritual’s routine is a sensory experience, one that puts value on subtle yet stimulating scents and organic and purposeful products. If it doesn’t smell good, feel good, or transport you on some level, then it’s not on the Spiritual’s shelf. Thoughtful and thorough, your grooming has the power of a quiet ritual. 
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Life isn’t just about the destination — and neither is the Spiritual’s vacation. When traveling, you’re after the trip that refreshes the body and satisfies the soul. From weekend retreats to faraway ashrams and restorative yoga centers, the Spiritual’s escapes impart new outlooks and lifelong wisdom.
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