Influential. Impeccable. Trendsetter. 

As the ultimate trendsetter, the Tastemaker’s sense of style is unparalleled. You know that what you wear can alter your persona in a flash. Dressing to please yourself first, you wind up inspiring others and spearheading trends. Tastemakers are not afraid to experiment, yet manage to always look impeccably turned out, if only by your own exacting aesthetic standards.

The Tastemaker finds beauty in every area of life, and your face gets special consideration. When it comes to products, quality counts and you’re serious about your regimen. It’s not that you obsess over your routine (you’ve actually got it down pat); the Tastemaker just knows that the face you choose to put foward is the one the world sees. In a nutshell, you like to look good. Doesn’t everyone?
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The Tastemaker is up for going just about anywhere in the world — as long as it’s a worthy destination with a flavor all its own. Always eager to check out the next recherché retreat, you have a lust for the new, novel, and glamorous that leads you to exotic locales and chic cities alike. The Tastemaker always returns with vivid stories to tell — and maybe a slick purchase to show off.
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The impossible-to-reserve restaurant, hot boîte, cocktail of the season, latest dish: if it doesn’t ignite a little hype, the Tastemaker is not interested. You may not be a master chef, but you’re a seductive host with a flair for entertaining. Even if the interior of your refrigerator is an empty expanse of white, there’s always a floral motif — in the form of a bottle or two of Perrier-Jouët .
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The Tastemaker’s discerning eye doesn’t stop at your closet (but you have to admit, you’ve logged appreciable hours there). With your aesthetic bent and penchant for alluring, high-quality objects, it’s a sure bet that your interior brims with unique style that others can’t help but covet.
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