Sleek. Clean. Cutting-Edge. 

The Visionary is constantly thinking into the future, so anything and everything new appeals to your sensibilities. A revolutionary break in technology gets the Visionary’s heart racing, and you’re the first to have the new go-to gadget, especially when it sports a design that’s clean and uncluttered. You support start-up products imagined by fellow entrepreneurs — and technology to complement every human function.
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Like your gadgets, the Visionary wants your fitness routine to be high-tech and efficient. An effortless multitasker, workouts that are quick-paced and instantly gratifying (visible metrics bring satisfaction) are your cardio boost of choice. From the newest model of sleek cycles to supplements offering futuristic ingredients, it’s always about The Next Big Thing.
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Ever forward-thinking, Visionaries are constantly chasing the next big place, from Burma to outer space. Whether it’s an ancient destination to inspire your latest entrepreneurial idea, like Machu Picchu; an enlivened metropolis with amazing architecture (think Santiago Calatrava); or a city in China that’s just catching on, if it’s unheard of to most, it’s on the Visionary’s to-go list. 
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You want your ideas, not your lipstick, to speak for you. When it comes to beauty, the Visionary’s is a pared-down approach. A single burst of color, a sleek hairstyle, and an air of minimalism complement your polished persona. That’s why Visionaries require products that work overtime, courtesy of innovative packaging and cutting-edge ingredients.
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A dreamer appreciates the power of a good uniform. Who wants to spend precious minutes pondering what to wear when they’re contemplating the future of the universe? Clean lines and monochromatic palettes, courtesy of low-key and high-quality brands, define the Visionary’s well-organized wardrobe, and you have a masterful way with modern silhouettes and geometric accessories.