“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” – Oscar Wilde

Tastemakers are people who are innately stylish, with a strong sense of occasion. For them, every aspect of presentation has to be carefully considered, not just visually but socially as well. Protocol matters to these gracious and graceful figures, which can always be relied upon for a second opinion on dressing, decorating and hosting.

Tastemakers of both sexes usually have a passion for fashion. They are up on the latest movies, TV shows, websites, videos and music, and understand how to set a table and then do the seating. Tastemakers care about trends. But they also care about timeless and classic standards. Always impeccably attired, Tastemakers are the treasured guests who bring their grace and wit to your table.

The Gentleman

Gentlemen are reliable, punctual, and unstintingly enthusiastic guests who know how to rise to any occasion—from dressing for dinner to writing witty thank-you notes.

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The Metrosexual

Metrosexuals look great everywhere they go, from small dinner parties to weddings.

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The Fashionista

Fashionistas bring enthusiasm to any event and have a sense of occasion that adds spice to a decidedly understated world. They will always have an opinion when asked any question about style and are usually more than happy to share their glamour secrets.

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The Goddess

Goddesses combine the power of executives and mavericks with a high glamour factor. But they also aren’t afraid to be feminine.

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The Addict

Often using terms like “genius” for items so rare that they’re unattainable to most people, they are the shopaholics whom retailers love—and concerned spouses, parents and siblings deplore. Taken to extremes, a seemingly benign hobby like “shopping” can cause almost irreparable financial and emotional harm.

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The Narcissist

The attention that Tastemakers receive for their laudable sense of style and their dazzling confidence can turn their healthy egos into raging bonfires of self-absorption.

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The Snob

When the obsession with appearances goes too far the snob emerges, passing judgment on people and their outfits, homes, cars and restaurant reservations, and often quickly alienating family and friends with a high-mindedness that to most seems based on superficialities.

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