Are you always coming from a place of good will? Do you do your best to rise to the moment, especially if the moment calls for more-than-average self-control, a high level of personal responsibility and a humble spirit? Do you do your best to help those weaker than you while regarding those who are richer and stronger with sincerity and straight-talk? How do you feel about your suit and tie? If you’re as comfortable in it as you are in your gym shorts, then, hello, Gentleman! 

Of course a Gentleman opens doors for women, youth, elderly and infirmed, but that’s only entry-level Gentleman behavior. In a broader sense, Gentlemen make themselves a valuable addition to whatever is going on around them. They are strong, capable, pleasant, and serviceable to others. They carry themselves with propriety and good taste. They strive to make others comfortable, speak sincerely, and dress appropriately, or slightly better than is expected. They are refined of character, as well as appearance.

And of course, Gentlemen attract the attention of “ladies” whether or not “ladies” is deemed an acceptable term of the moment. Gentlemen make women feel special just because they are women.

Gentleman Superpowers

  • Manning and suiting up
  • Being suave and in-charge
  • Doing what’s honorable, virtuous, and responsible
  • Inspiring other men to do and be more
  • Inspiring women to swoon

A Happy Gentleman
The camaraderie of his peers is a cherished part of the Gentleman’s life. To say he’s well-liked is an understatement, though he would be the first to deflect any praise suggesting that he’s popular or revered by his crew. He loves sporting, gaming, working, and cavorting alongside his brothers in arms. Of course, a hot date does wonders for his spirit as well.

Famous Gentlemen
Carry Grant, Sidney Poitier, Ralph Lauren, James Bond, Paul Newman, Gregory Peck, Fred Astaire, George Clooney, Antonio Banderas

Gentleman Entourage
Gentlemen hang out with other Gentlemen. Also they enjoy the company of the Prince, Princess, Class Leader, Explorer, Athlete, Overachiever, Free Spirit, and others.

Gentleman in Love
Gentlemen place a high priority on their romantic relationships. They are chivalrous. To do right by a woman is top on the agenda. Therefore, a Gentleman realizes what he has in his partner while he has it (instead of realizing after a partner is gone).

Gentleman Challenge
Challenges happen every day for the Gentleman because this type is constantly striving to better himself. His exemplary character seems to attract those who will test it. He does not always succeed, but he always learns from the knotty situations he encounters because at his core his not a stubborn person trying to be right. A Gentleman is as noble as he is humble.

How to Play It
If you know a Gentleman, this person will be an asset to your life. Hee’s a joy in good times and can be counted on when times get rough.

If you are a Gentleman, know that your best won’t always be enough to make the situation go the way you believe it should. But continue to give your best anyway. Your efforts to go beyond the call are what define you.

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