Are you a man with the vanity of a woman? Does your image-consciousness lead you to ever-higher levels of grooming, like pedicures and man-scaping? Tell the truth: How many hair products do you use to achieve your best look? If you venture three items beyond shampoo and conditioner, then, hello, Metrosexual. 

Metrosexual men are not gay, but they impress gay men with a stellar sense of style and sophistication. They have a city-dweller’s sensibility (regardless of where they actually live) and the wardrobe of a man-about-town. Metrosexual men go the distance to express their personal style even if that leads them to the fabric store, antique store or gourmet grocery. They don’t need a woman to persuade them to shop because they genuinely enjoy making the choices that will reflect their refined taste. 

Metrosexual Superpowers

  • Exploring new levels of grooming
  • Wearing the latest fashions
  • Showing up at the hot spots
  • Choosing the best wine and music
  • Keeping up with the art and culture scene

A Happy Metrosexual
The happy Metrosexual is living the life outlined in men’s magazines like GQ. He likes the rugged, manly stuff, too. Though he may be hard-pressed to fit it in between workouts, spa appointments, nightlife, shopping, cooking, redecorating projects, and, of course, his awesome job that allows him to buy all those high-end hair and skin products.

Famous Metrosexuals
Ryan Seacrest, Dave Navaro, Chase Crawford, Lenny Kravitz, David Beckham, Orlando Bloom

Metrosexual Entourage
Metrosexuals enjoy hanging together and also form bonds with the Athlete, Intellectual, Overachiever, Nerd, Geek, Cool Dude, Trendsetter, Fashion Addict, and more.

Metrosexual in Love
Metrosexuals are in touch with their feminine side and can sometimes play the role of besty instead of presenting a firmly masculine point of view with the women they love. This can be seen as a bonus; however, the Metrosexual should be careful not to fall into a sibling-like connection or the passion will quickly fade from the partnership.

Metrosexual Challenge
The biggest challenge for Metrosexuals is not to let their self-awareness turn into self-consciousness. It is possible to present a stylish, hygienic, well-mannered, and cultured image without being preoccupied with what people are thinking or what’s cool. There’s a point at which extreme self-care becomes obnoxious.

How to Play It
If you know a Metrosexual, your experience will likely be enhanced by the taste, ideas, cultural literacy, and sophisticated point of view this person brings to your life. Just leave him plenty of time to get ready before going out.

If you are a Metrosexual, be careful not to let your attention to image get out of control. Or in more succinct terms, “get over yourself.” Also, remember that city people are not the only people that matter and try not to complain about third world problems, if you can help it.

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