Rachel Zoe

I don’t believe in changing my style because something’s a trend, … People are mislead: They think because it’s a trend, they should do it. And it’s not going to work.
Rachel Zoe
My number one mantra with any body type; be it full figure, petite or somewhere in between; is to find confidence and comfort in your best assets…Fashion does not discriminate-no matter what your size, all women and men should look beautiful and embrace what they love most.
Rachel Zoe
It has to be the big picture for me. A lot of people saw this job as you put them in a dress and that’s all. I didn’t see it that way. I want them to look great all the time. And I don’t nickel-and-dime people. A lot of stylists say they are hired for this, this and this so that’s the only thing I’m going to dress them for. I’m like, are you nuts? If my client calls me and says I’m going to a friend’s premiere, I’ll say, come over and let’s do something cute. And I won’t bill them for that.
Rachel Zoe
Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig (born September 1, 1971) better known as Rachel Zoe, is an American fashion stylist best known for working with celebrities, fashion houses, beauty firms, advertising agencies, and magazine editors. Zoe has been involved in the fashion industry for nearly two decades[3] and has since become a renowned stylist and designer[citation needed]. She is known for her extensive influence in the fashion world and for her A-list clients. In 2008, the first season of her Bravo reality television series The Rachel Zoe Project debuted. She is married to Rodger Berman, President of Rachel Zoe, Inc. The couple have two sons.

– Wikipedia Biography: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Zoe

Rachel’s Archetypes

Rachel Zoe is a Tastemaker

Rachel Zoe is a Creative

Rachel Zoe is a Caregiver

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