“In wisdom gathered over time I have learned that every experience is a form of exploration.” -Ansel Adams

Explorers thrive on learning about the unknown. They might pursue knowledge of new territories in outward ways like Vasco De Gama, Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride; or Freya Stark, a British Victorian woman and one of the first to explore Arab cultures by infiltrating them. But they can also dedicate their lives to exploring inner realms, pushing themselves beyond their limits to learn new things about the human condition.

Resourceful, impulsive, open-minded and able to change course on a dime, whether in travel or thought, this family of roving, probing archetypes is bound together by curiosity and restlessness.

David Livingstone, who devoted his life to crossing the African continent, famously put it this way: “I will go anywhere provided it is forward.” Explorers are always the first to make tracks.

The Adventurer

Adventurers are enthusiasts. They are up for anything and can handle change with aplomb.

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The Traveler

Travelers are always game to go someplace new. Enthusiastic, worldly, and adventurous without being danger junkies, they can be trusted to advise about destinations that are off the beaten track.

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The Seeker

Charming and able to adjust to all kinds of situations, Seekers can bring new perspectives about life to anyone who is curious enough to ask them to describe what they’ve experienced.

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The Individualist

Individualists are exciting to be around because they are always in the vanguard and always ready to take issue with anything too constraining or boring.

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The Escapist

While Explorers are seen as heroic and strong-willed types, their disappearance leads to fear and frustration for everyone who loves them; and sometimes it leads to serious injury and death.

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The Novelty-Seeker

Explorers have a hard time appreciating what they have already accomplished because they always feel there is more to do. This compulsion may cause them to leave tasks in their present reality, unfinished.

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