Emperor Palpatine

This dark ruler found his way to ultimate power through deceptive savvy and creative manipulation, twisting fear and failure into dominance. Working his way through politics under the guise of a public servant, Palpatine secretly was Darth Sidius, a long lost dark lord of the Sith and wielder of the Dark Side. Through his sinister deceptions he twists Anakin into Darth Vader. He shows us that domination of the mind and the heart can be artistically woven with sinister misdirection. A true shadow, he remains hidden through virtually all of the films until a final battle, when his apprentice sees his work in it’s true subversive light, and tosses him into the abyss of the death star.


Wicket the Ewok

Wicket would do anything for his friends and his village on the lush forest moon of Endor. Though a little guy, he makes up for it with bravery and constantly developing skills in his wild wooded world. He discovers a sense of personal power and identity when he meets and helps Princess Leia and our band of heroes in their final battle on Endor. He overcomes the Empire’s challenging forces despite their forces having far greater size and strength than his own.


Han Solo

Han might be THE anti-hero of the 20th century. He’s a smuggler, scoundrel and in true rebellious form, a hero. He reluctantly takes a contract to fly Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker to meet (and eventually save) Princess Leia. Little did he know that he would be embroiled in the dawn of the rebellion, fall in love with a princess, get captured by a former gangster boss, and become a general in the great Battle of Ender. Ever defiant and resilient, the industrious Han Solo always completes the mission in a truthful way that only he can.



Chewy is the big-hearted sidekick and best friend of Han Solo. He’s the muscle and the heart of the Millennium Falcon. Completely loyal to his friends around him, he saves and re-furbishes a broken C3PO while captured by the Empire on Cloud City, helps Yoda escape danger, he pretends to be captured and shackled in order to save Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt, and in the Star Wars Holiday Special (yes there was one!!!) he’s shown to be a warm hearted father, son and husband.


Darth Vader

The father of Luke Skywalker and right hand to the emperor, Darth Vader runs a true visionary’s arc. His very existence seems to bring the future into the present. He utilizes the world around him to escape the confines of Tatooine as a boy, then becoming one of the last Jedi knights, he remains committed to the cause until a true vision of endangered loved ones lead him to the dark side. He senses the changing impulses of the galaxy around him and transforms anew, and is re-born into the unstoppable proto-villain Darth Vader, committed to a new vision of the empire and is determined to bring its goals to fruition. He is stalwart to this vision until, the undeniable and valiant force of change brings him back to the light side of the force. Through the actions of his long lost son, Luke Skywalker, Vader sees the light. He accepts and believes in this new vision, and courageously sacrifices himself for the rebirth of a new era.


Princess Leia

While serving a bit of damsel in distress upon her entrance, this princess is anything but. She leads with a confident, questioning eye and a clear bravado. She takes charge as soon as she is rescued, with sharp one-liners like “Pretty short for a storm trooper aren’t you?” Born into her position, she has learned to use her power wisely, gracefully wielding the art of galactic bureaucracy. When the time comes, she uses her position to help the true cause and the greater good of the galaxy. Seeking the light side of the force and justice through out the empire, she finds authentic power through the rebellion where she generously leads her band of heroes.


Jar-Jar Binks

This amphibious friend may be the most unloved of the Star Wars pantheon. Jar Jar is truly a bumbling jester in a slapstick world. An outcast from Queen Amidala’s home planet, he joined the politics of the galactic council where he eagerly served as a quintessential pleaser. He never fails at giving cause for an eye roll- either from the audience or the characters with whom he surrounds himself with.



This ancient, wise and powerful Jedi master puppet taught us all to trust our intuition and to not walk in the path of fear. He is a mystic who is tapped into the force. Speaking in crystal clear riddles, he resides in a humble and hidden swamp world. It’s here that Luke Skywalker; son of the last Jedi Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) is trained by the green little mystic. Yoda teaches him the way of the light side to bring balance to the force and the galaxy at large. He teaches us to let go of everything we fear to lose. How’s that for a truth seeker?


Queen Amidala

This diplomatic mother to Luke and Leia is all poise and style. She is often dressed in ornate and lavish gowns and makeup in the high interplanetary style of her home planet, while petitioning to planetary council. She uses the power of disguise when traveling, bravely aiding in battle in the garb of a handmaiden. She authentically and courageously fights for the noble cause. Leia’s signature bun hairstyle is definitely a page out of her mother’s style guide.


Obi Wan Kenobi

The last true Jedi Knight is many things: A galactic adventurer, a trailblazing rebel and mentor to Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker and a traveler across the stars. In his introduction during a New Hope, he is depicted as a mysterious hermit who has accepted the Explorer’s challenge and settled in the secluded dunes of Tatooine. He answers Princess Leia’s call for help by calling for the help of young Luke Skywalker and ushering in his awakening powers in the force. Obi Wan single handedly shuts down the power core of the Death Star (in spite of his age) and dazzles us with the first light sabre duel of the films, against his former pupil. In true Explorer fashion, he continues to shed light from beyond in the form of ghost for the duration of the series, helping Luke uncover the mysteries of his past and destiny.



The tiny astromech droid serves this epic as the Catalyst. He is the helpful and passionate, and totally dedicated to the cause. The diligent messenger delivers the vital first call to arms to Luke Skywalker… “Help me Obi wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope…”



The golden robot is the Laurel to R2-D2’s Hardy. He is fluent in over six million forms of communication and uses his knowledge and expertise to aid those he serves. He listens to his gut, edging on the air of caution, this analysis keeps him out of the fray, but he is always drawn back in. C-3PO is often quoting odds for Han Solo to narrowly defy. Throughout all of the films, C3P0 is utilized by all he encounters: Assistant to a general in the Empire, communicating with Luke’s moisture farm droids, and used as Jabba’s translator. This intellectual is a consummate thinking pro.