Are you busting over with SO much happiness there’s no room for more? Ha!

Here are 5 steps to uncover your happy sweet spot…

We often talk about happiness as something that we aspire to have, not necessarily something we can shape and create. Truth is, happiness is formulaic. Studies show that happiness can be generated through the efforts and energies we put into strengthening our intrinsic values. This means exercising your “signature strengths,” spending time doing things that you genuinely love that will bring meaning to your life.

So how do we do that…? There are many elements to the happiness equation, but I like to stress the importance of self-exploration and improvement as a key element in this formula. Start by thinking about your skill set and what you thrive doing. Make a key list of what you need to operate at your best self…This is a great tool for uncovering your happiness factor.

Here are 5 ways you can SPARK your inner happiness.

1. Be creative. Create a vision board with friends, join an art class or engage your mind on a new project that gets your creative juices flowing.

2. Let go of expectations. Most expectations are disappointments waiting to happen. Try the approach of expect nothing and when it goes as planned (which is rare) it will be a bonus. High expectations narrow our ability to enjoy the simple beauties and joy of the now moments.

3. Take action. You can’t think your way to healthy and happy but you can create motivation by doing. Motivation follows action! Go. For. It.

4. Invite more play into your life. Sweat and smile in your workouts, call your friends and laugh about old times, see a funny movie, and go out DANCING! Let loose and bring out your inner child. Children don’t limit their smiling time.

5. Give back. Giving is just as rewarding as receiving, if not more! Pick a charity or find a friend or stranger who can use an act of kindness.

Happiness is within us, but it’s our job to let it shine. Pencil in “happy” time every day. This can be done through any small action, but should be something that makes you smile or laugh and feel balanced. It’s equally important to think about what makes you unhappy and how to shed the negativity can weigh you down. Invest in your values and your relationships and you will be able to make decisions in life that provide long term success and happiness. Value= increased efforts!

Make your happiness renewals today. Let me know what experiences and activities make you happiest! In the meantime you can find me cooking spaghetti squash and reading People (it makes me happy). =)