With the end of 2017 finally in sight *breathes sigh of relief*, we’re eagerly preparing for all the possibilities of the new year, especially when it comes to our personal style. Honestly, who doesn’t want to start off 2018 with a killer look? Changing up your beauty game is one of the easiest—and most fun!—ways of shaking off the past 12 months, and luckily, we happen to know exactly what styles will be trending next year, thanks to Pinterest. Whether it’s finally trying out that dramatic hairstyle (pixie cut, anyone?) or investing in a new hero skin-care ingredient (be on the lookout for cleansing oils), these are the nine beauty trends that everyone will be loving in 2018.


While the bold-eyebrow trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, long, lush lashes are giving them a run for their money next year. Here’s the best way to maintain your eyelash extensions.


The key to soft, glowing skin, shiny hair, and healthy lips is without a doubt an oil. Our beauty director actually tested cleansing with olive oil, and it worked!


Now that the cosmetics industry is finally starting to catch up with worldwide demographics, more people are looking for complexion-matching foundations. We can all thank Rihanna for this beauty favorite.


Sure, everyone loves a classic bob, but it seems like 2018 is finally the year to go full-on pixie. Be brave, and go for it! In case you need some haircut inspiration, here are a few of our favorite short ’dos.

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