In this last week of Women’s History Month, I’m feeling what I suspect women throughout history have felt before me- angry.  I’ve given up not feeling my feelings when I feel them. How many who came before me didn’t know they could feel theirs much less share them in a blog?

The anger goes in and out.  The other night I went to sleep and woke up peaceful.  Until I saw the gone viral photo of the White House Caucus on Health Care with not a single woman in the room  deciding whether mammograms and maternity care should be considered “essential.”

My simmering blood asks, “seriously?”   My loving heart and soul reminds me there’s an even more powerful question.  So, I’m asking what if?…

What if Herstory really is making History?

What if though it can feel like we’re being pushed back into the dark ages, this is in fact eons lighter than it was for women born before us and countless born after us, too.

What if Alice Coachman hadn’t tried competing in the 1948 Olympics and become the first Black woman in history to win The Gold?

What if Abigail Adams and Amelia Earhart didn’t step out on a limb?  What did and does it take for Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sonia Sotomayor to show up and sit tall as women on The Supreme Court bench?

For Sally Ride to have been the first woman n space or Gloria Steinem and Katherine Graham and Billie Jean King, Annie Oakley. Emily Dickinson, Donna Karan or Julia Roberts to be the first woman to get the same paycheck as the big boy actors in Hollywood?   For Rosa Parks and Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton (for God’s sake!)

What does it take for each and every woman and girl who’s the first, second or last in her family, office or community to pave the way for others to follow?  For every mother aunt and teacher to guide their girls and inspire their boys to respect themselves and each other.

What if yes!  The women in “Mad Men” really did live like that in the 50’s and 60’s.

And yet no one imagined even ten l0 years ago, that Madison Avenue would now be showing us women in their 50’s, 60’s and beyond!

What if there’s 241 years of herstory in this nation?

And yet what if we could just say ‘enough is enough’ and end the lunacy of all that belittles us in one fell swoop?   Like:

A culture of porn at your kiddies fingertips, comediennes laughing about rape and  a hot 100 full of misogynistic, sing along songs.

A culture that teaches our girls to throw up to be thin enough, to wear clownish, theatrical make-up to be pretty enough and to stuff your feet into sky high heels that are injurious to be sexy enough. C’mon man!

And now we are selling billionaire boyfriends and sadism as the new normal love story of our times in “Fifty Shades Darker”? It’s horrifying for our young men who wonder if they will have job let alone a few bucks in their pocket. As for our girl’s the message is domestic violence is sexy, loving and romantic. Really?

But before I drive off the cliff there may be a ray of hope.  What if it’s good news today that the female driven “Beauty and the Beast” has broken box office history even knocking Marvel comic superheroes out from the behemoth ballpark!

What if got it right in their 2017 trend predictions that stiletto sales will fall to the basement as sneakers and other comfier flats sales rise victorious.

What if Susan B. Anthony and a few of her besties from the Suffragettes had joined in the 2017 marches?  What if all they could utter when they saw us was “you women  are so badass!

What if every daughter thinks her mother’s generation didn’t know all that hers knows.

And every mother doesn’t know how her daughter’s generation can survive?

What if we may not have broken the glass ceiling but we are shifting and shattering the old paradigms beyond what the eye can yet see.


Because we are.


Keep staying tuned.