“I,” as in You and Me and We, the world worn, from following or running from the daily news of our leaders. You may not know all the names, but you know. It’s the presidents and prime ministers. The chancellors, billionaire CEOS, The Supreme Leader and the man who would be king. Those few hands that seem to be on the steering wheel of a world that appears held together by a string and a prayer.

Precarious much? But what if we’re not seeing the complete power picture?  What if we change our mind and see who really rules our world?

I tossed that “what if” to the universe knowing an answer would be delivered somehow. And today it came from listening to my favorite teacher, Caroline Myss.  Caroline was leading her recent class in the “Reflections Series” sessions.  (www.carolinemyss.com).

It began with: think of yourself as a tiny planet.

A planet within a cosmos in an infinite sea of worlds.

You may not have regular earth-style  amenities with you on this trip  but you do have your five senses and innate ability to focus.

“And so,” Caroline asks. “what do you do with the power of your focus today?”

What do your eyes look at? What do you see?”

What sounds do your ears hear?”

What did you taste?”

What do I touch and what touches me?

And with all of that, what am I feeling?  What’s the feeling tone in me?  Am I feeling joy, purpose, harmony in this tiny world?  Love and yes, maybe even safety?

And then came an awesome aha!  I realized with all my concerns about our world, I can lead my own nation.  The nation of Me!

And I already do!

I can’t effect a recount but I can reconsider.

I have even  more than the power to have a vote and a voice and a protest to go to if I choose.            And I’m sure not here to burn the joint down.

I have no need to campaign for this gig or be born into the right blood.

I don’t need to dust off my tiara.

When I say “Yes, I’m In,” I discover truly  governing  the nation of me is the hardest job I will ever have. And nothing can possibly top it.

I won’t leave this world to do it. I have dual citizenship.

It’s not about being an exception to the rule. It’s about being dedicated to practicing The Laws- the universal truths that govern us all.

You won’t know my name or see me portrayed in a funny skit on “SNL.”

(But I’ll still be watching.)

And asking the questions and for guidance and safety in taking my tiny world from imagination to reality.

Because that’s where your reality births largely from anyway.  And for every other tiny world out there.  Know it or not.

And so  I’m wondering.  What’s in yours?   How will you feel and what will you  begin to allow as possible in yours?

Cue as prompt:  The great, Tony Bennett and lyrics to his classic song:

“If I Ruled The World

Every day would be the first day of spring,
Every heart would have a new song to sing,
And we’d sing of the joy every morning would bring….”


Oh yes!  Count me in.