As this is being written, the internet is “blowing up” with a prediction that tomorrow (September 23), planet earth will have an unfriendly encounter with a rogue planet and we’ll see chaos and devastation of biblical proportions.

For those who’ve seen all the chaos and biblical proportions they need. (thank you very much), perhaps it’s still time to pack your faith, a sense of humor and a survival kit.  Not to keep by your door in case of emergency, but to plant in your consciousness for times of enormous global evolution.

Which seems to be now. And this has me wondering: what are the survival tools for going forward in this new world?   Besides your standard flashlight, candles, water, perishable food, a cell phone, gym shoes and cash. What should come packed carefully but not lightly on top?

What if the tool we need now, as my hands down favorite teacher, bestselling author and global spiritual leader, Caroline Myss says, are our choices?  Our only real freedom.  Not the big choices like what house to buy or who to marry or should we get divorced.  “But the choices that could seem to be least important that are in fact the most consequential.”

Choices as Caroline says, like:

1.     The choice to not lie. “Not just the big ones but the little lies.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

 2.    The choice to take risksThe risks that will come back to you as deep regrets later in your life when you realize you have run out of time to take them.”

3.    Choose to recognize “every word has its own world and power.” To pay careful attention to the ones we speak and think.

4.    Make the choice to stop complaining about ourselves, each other and everything.  To stop being “chronically chronic.”

5.    The choice to see how our thinking affects our disease. And then making a choice to heal.

6.    The choice not look backwards.  Don’t try to get “back to where you were.  There’s no back there to get back to.”

And to add to Caroline’s teaching, (hear more about the “Freedom of Choices” on Youtube  ), here are a few more choices I’m thinking to pack in my kit:

  1. The choice to pray and give support to all that have lived and continue to live in the aftermath and threat of natural disasters. Which is all of us.
  2.      To give up believing or acting as if we are any better than or less than any another.

Because a few things have become crystal clear:

A new consciousness is making itself manifest. And we’re flooding in it. With more floods certain to come.  No one is excluded.  The whole is in the one and the one is in the whole.  This seems a good time to also put build an Ark.  Not Noah’s but ours. Our metaphorical foundation to sail safely through what is to come.  Maybe you won’t be loading you Ark with two of every species like in the Bible or two of each brand (like in your closet.)  But with the choices and ideas that, as the Bible story says, “will go forward and multiply.”  Choose carefully.

And bring your new kits.  This way we may have the tools for choosing to go forward and to row, row, row your ark…sometimes gently, sometimes mightily down the stream.  Either way,  Life is but a dream.  A beautiful one.  And not ending.

See you next week.