“Man plans and God laughs.”

Have you heard that Yiddish proverb?

Is anyone hearing much laughter these days?

What if now’s the time for a different Plan?


What if prayer could be it?

There I said it.

Not Plan B.

Because what if know it or not, prayer was always our Plan A?

Think about it -isn’t it prayer that has held us in check and kept us from destroying ourselves for centuries?


There is one way we save our world.

Start praying.

Whether you believe in God or not.  Or practice a religion or not.

There is no right or wrong way to do it.  Nobody has exclusive rights or ownership to it.


What if prayer is a higher level of energetic thought and a focused intention for good?


It’s not a cowering. It’s a towering.

What if it is not waiting to be saved but saving ourselves?

Not changing “God’s mind” but our own?

Conscious prayer is asking a question from some force that exceeds the limits of our own perceived intellects.

It requires our next being still and patient long enough to wait for a new answer.

Will we do this?


And so, what can we pray for?

Pray for the force of grace to dissolve ill intent in the hearts of all souls.

Beginning with our own.

Pray to realize the might of our words.  The ones intended for love and the ones for punishment.

What if Mahatma Gandhi knew what he was talking about when he said.


“In prayer, it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”


And then, with our prayers in motion, what might we plan on next?

Plan on being surprised.

Plan to even be dazzled.

To feel relieved by allowing an instant of your own weakness to reveal itself.



Plan to find some of distrust and doubt is lifted.

To feel more certainty.

To even call that faith if you’d like.

Plan on another chance.


To stop spreading our gloom and doom all around.

To feel less tension and more freedom.

To have, as Einstein called prayer, “a firm belief in a superior mind that reveals itself in the world of experience.”


If only for a moment at a time.

If your only prayer is “Thank you.”

A prayer heard is a prayer answered.

Plan on feeling lighter.

Because the rate at which your energy is now vibrating is actually lighter.

Physics proves this true.

Plan to grow up a little more and feel more like a little child at the same time.

Plan to make prayer a practice you do all day.  Not just in elevators.

To naturally discovering yourself choosing your words far more carefully.

Asking more, listening deeper.

Plan on feeling joy!

Plan on laughing.  Yes, laughing!

There is no lighter, higher energy.

Why do you think God does it all the time?