This week there was a miracle in the world, or at least in mine.  My niece became a first- time mother, my sister became a grandmother and I became a great aunt to a precious baby girl.  Whatever your relationship, when a newborn enters your life, you are birthed into another dimension of who you knew or remembered yourself to be.


If you listen, you can almost hear the angels singing.


Until, that is,  the bittersweet part steps in and you recall all there is to hear in the world.  Things that could make even the angels cringe if not weep:


There’s the Climate Hearings and Health Care Hearings.

Collusion Hearings and hearings on crime to name a few.


And it got me wondering, with all of this hearing is anyone really listening?


To each other and especially to those spoken of in the most passionate Hearing moments across the board.: “The future generations.” “The children we worry for.”


Look, these are hard working men and women showing up and doing their best at their jobs and God knows the solutions, responsibility and worry doesn’t all fall on them.


But what if there is  so much more we have  to give the next generation than just our guilt and worry?


What if we start by recalling the proverb given to us so freely by Native American Indians:


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”


What if this perspective can make our backs stand straighter and our hearts emboldened with a new cause for action.  It’s not just that we’re to guide “them.”


Our debt to them is due.    It’s time to give back what most of us grew up taking more for granted.


A living environment with breathable air and the seas and framework for a peaceful enough society and nation.


To give back what we have borrowed from them. we need to know, show and practice the qualities of the spirit.  Those wondrous gifts so freely given to us to navigate our lives:






And a sense of humor.



To hold off on the worry and hold on to their hands.

To help them make sense of it all and be certain we surely don’t know it all.

The children are watching.


The debt is due.

To be brave enough to gaze back deep into the eyes that gaze into ours  and revere the wisdom children teach because their hearts are still pure.


To not allow their lives to be used as cannon fodder, political or otherwise.


Not because “children are our future.”


But because they are their own.  And as Thomas Jefferson told us,


“Every generation needs a new revolution.”


Welcome to your beautiful new world, sweet child.  Rock on!