Body, mind, spirit, heart and soul.

A toothache.

A not so super flu.

A paper cut, the surgeon’s stitches.

A crying stomach.

A hoping that this ‘Time’ thingy that seems to be going so much faster, still “heals all wounds.”  And more importantly, hasn’t forgotten us in its busy rounds.

Recently, I wondered about this as I was doing some healing. Practicing my patience, remembering I had not been abandoned before. Letting go of my grip on the reigns.  Babying my precious body.

If the definition of healing is “the process of making sound or whole,” seems living in the healing mode is the new normal.  But it doesn’t have to be our obsession.

Steps like ditching the sugar and artificial sweeteners alone can help us.  Exercising 30 minutes a day and standing up a few times every hour.

Sleeping 8 hours in all the dark you can get without an IPhone on your pillow.

Looking for solutions beyond our bodies.  Healing from a certainty we are helpless.

As soon as we’re able, helping another to heal.

We begin with where we find our feet in the moment. Paying it forward.

Just smiling and making some eye contact lifts the vibration and energy in you and those all around you.  Who knew?

Being ready at last to break up with some frightening thoughts. And then watching them dissolve into the nothingness they came from.

We can heal from surrendering a secret that has made us sick.

By forgiving a bruised friendship.

Ourselves, my God!  Ourselves.

We become sound.

We lick our wounds.

We dance, we sing again, we carry on.

Later, we may  be healing from a broken heart.  A lost ideal.

We heal from not enough sleep and what it takes to wake up little by little to our true nature.

We may be healing from just pure, lonely isolation despite being connected to everyone and everything with the touch of a screen.

We call instead of only texting.

We’re restored back to ourselves by remembering a speck of our power.

We risk rejection by asking “will you please help me?”

We heal from kindness.

The choice of a funny film tonight over the nightly news.

Music, heaven sent music.

A little meditation (guided perhaps with Deepak and Oprah).

The ear of a friend in a time of need who doesn’t need to fix or cure but will just listen.

The human touch.

Gratitude.  We can never have too much gratitude.  A prayer.

A healing affirmation.

I like this one from Deepak:

“My body is attuned to the wisdom of the universe.”

What if we are always healing from the oh-so dis-eased notion that the universe is doing anything other than loving us all the time?