If just one fearful, fatigued or otherwise news bummed out soul reads that question and feels just a  jolt of awakening, this will be a drop the mic (or the Mac) moment for me.

Because last week I felt certain I had totally lost mine. My sanity was under siege.  I know I am not alone.

And then a thought slipped in through the cracks of the news reports to save me:  there’s got to be a bigger question to keep asking here than WTF.  So, what if?

What if there’s something to be refreshed besides Twitter?  What if it’s our memory of who we truly are and who our mind belongs to.  What if we can take our minds back?

What if whether you’re yay or nay on the politics, you can’t deny this new pace is dizzying.  And dangerous.  Shock and awe plus overwhelm, underwhelm and flat out being dumbed down can wear a person out.

We’re a nation that’s pooped in a world that’s waking up collectively.  And our individual lives may not feel like a walk in the park either.  We’re changing and One and we’re taking our children with us –  rolling in a spin cycle.

For anyone that was raised in a dysfunctional family, a jolt of chaos can plug your buttons right back to childhood.  Before you know what hit you, you’re back in the same little body and place you were once too young to walk away from on your own. Now you’re old enough to have a driver’s license and get away from that terrifying feeling.  But that feeling isn’t forgetting you. It seems real as can be even though it’s an echo.

Things are different now. You can protest.  You can choose what you do going forward. You can pass  signing  on to be guilted or shamed for your positions and legal actions going forward.  You can be less of a victim and not have to be the victor. You can make a mighty difference in your small corner of the world.  You can be an example to the children who need you.  You can follow a dream you’ve been keeping in a drawer. Where once you had fear there wasn’t a grown up in the house to save you, now you can get it.  You’re it!

You can turn off the news or turn on a subscription to a reliable newspaper and then take a long walk.  Bring the dog.  We can each do what we are here to do.  We can listen to each other.  We can feel frustrated.   We can laugh and have joy.  And a second helping of that for sure.

This isn’t about just smelling the roses between the fertilizer.  It’s not about going into denial.

I personally am hanging onto these words of Anthony Kiedis from the “Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

“It seems like the chaos of this world is accelerating, but so is the beauty in the consciousness of more and more people,”

What if I you see for yourself this is true?   That happenings are never all good or all bad.

What if there is more activism in our country today than has seen since the Civil Rights Movement?

And more voices heard around the world than in all of history?

What if we celebrate the fact we each have a good deal of  dominion over our attention and where it goes if we choose?

So, what if you can take your mind back if only first for an hour?

What will you do with yours?