You likely didn’t catch this on any breaking news headline last week, (and neither did I for that matter.) But Wednesday, June 21st, was “National Selfie Day.”


The third annual June 21st where people across the country celebrated together in clubs and posted their favorite selfies on social media. It was an acknowledgment that the word “selfie” has even been added to the Oxford Dictionary. Our cultural history is set.  As it says on their Selfie site, “The sky is the limit.”

Which got me thinking:  What if they’re right?

What if National Selfie Day can be more powerful than it may sound ridiculous?

On a sky is the limit level, what can happen if we turn the cameras on ourselves and take a loving look at a person who can make a difference in our world?  Even as our world seems so wildly different and even if we’re not politicians?

Because what if collectively we and our selfies make a commitment solid enough to last longer than our today’s  favs on our camera roll?

If we make a new pledge of allegiance, this time to Mother Earth and our one world, what changes  could we see?

I’m calling it the People’s Pledge.


Because what if: collectively we promise to:


Take shorter showers.

Turn off the water and lights.

Recycle. To avoid plastic everything everywhere we can.

That’s everything from bags to cups to containers to the foods we buy

that come individually wrapped in same.

To ride a bike to work or try public transportation or carpool.

To go for a walk.

To donate what we aren’t using or don’t need.  No kidding.

To circulate the good and even the good stuff!

To support small local business. This is so essential.

Including the farmers at your Farmer’s Market.

To stop seeking for everything outside of ourselves.

To stop lying. No lying. Not about one little thing.


To try meditating.  To experience the truth – that we are sourced and refueled by an ever- renewable energy source inside us.

No worries.

To have our minds blown by miracles instead of blowing up the world.

To limit your news to the headlines.

To try out freedom that comes from not complaining.

To at least give it a try.

To feel your vibration lifting and loving it.

To give a damn about people.

To give thanks. Constantly.

To say, “you’re welcome” when we are  thanked by another.  And not just “no worries.”

To act as if our world depends on our every effort to aid our ailing environment.

To have praise for our small actions and be less impressed by the grand ones we think

for sure will make us so grand!


To have the courage to trust that if you believe it, you’ll see it.

That there’s enough good to go around.  All around.


Our one globe. Indivisible. With liberty and justice for all.


Then to strike your pose, flash a smile

And you and your selfie,  PLEASE

get on with being a walking, smiling, living prayer.


Wherever you go.