How much are you worth?


You may have been raised not to ask people that question.  But I know I’m not the first:

You’re asked to declare your valuables at Customs.

To lock them in the hotel’s vault.  List them for your home insurance.

Burglar proof your boat, claim your car as collateral.

Protect your portfolio, guard your precious jewels.

And always reach for the stars to buy the stuff your heart desires.


And this is all good.


But maybe it was the Power Ball or the Moon covering the Sun this past week that got me thinking:

The best things in life aren’t free.  But the most valuable ones are.

What if a new consciousness is slowly eclipsing our old definition of what’s really valuable?  What if more than just  our stuff it’s:


The friend that has never let you down.

The parent or sibling who loves you no matter what.

The beloved who dealt with your shadows and didn’t blink even though their face cringed.

Your children.

Their chance to daily drink clean water.  To eat fresh food.

That you have legs that can walk.  Maybe even run.

That without your effort, your eyes see for you. your ears listen and your taste buds taste.

You know what the ‘old people’ used to say is actually true – That health is wealth.”

You have friends to be with.

You can get a kick too out of your company, perceptions and humor.

My God, you can laugh!

That you aren’t generated by anger or resentment, jealousy or bitterness.

Not everyone can say that.

That you’re given the strength to carry on even in your hardest hours.

That your blood circulates throughout your body without your effort.  24/7.

That you are adaptable.

You take your kindness with you wherever you go.

You value time.

And sweat equity for work that you love.

Your priceless reputation.

A peaceful night’s sleep.

Your anonymity.

Your intuition and the mighty gift of imagination.

Beginning with picturing:  what are the odds that you are even here on the planet?

Or that would pick all six numbers where your odds stood at one in 292 million?

This week, a middle-aged hospital worker in Massachusetts went to work unaware she had done just that. By the end of the day, she was the Power Ball winner of  $758,700.00, and her picture was on every news feed and social media platform across America. She had quit her job and when asked how she planned to celebrate her answer was, “hiding in my bed.”

Which made sense to me.  By morning she had full police protection and armed guards around her home.  Her two grown children were by her side to help ease the shock that is just beginning.  The fate of huge Lotto winners historically has not always been living happily rich ever after.

This is not about “spoiled grapes.”  Who doesn’t love money?  It’s about our ripening consciousness.

In that winning amazing moment, Mavis Wanczyk said to the cameras: “My pipe dream finally came true.  It’s like I’m a winner and I’m scared. And I’ll be okay.”

Her profound words struck me.  What if, yes!  In an instant  we could see we really are winners.  Filled with power – regardless of our numbers. What if that’s no longer just our truest pipe dream. But what we most fear because it can most shock us.   Our lives never to be the same.

But don’t be scared.  We’ll be even more than okay.