Whether you voted for our President or did not, let’s face it. On any given day, it can feel like the campaign never ended.  Now more than ever, we’re on the all Trump all the time network.  This is our reality.  Nobody can stop saying his name.

And nobody or real stats can deny “our one nation, under God, indivisible” is in deep danger of cracking down the middle.

Which gets me wondering…

What if “we the people” were to stop just saying only Trump’s name and get curious about our names as well?

If we can be willing enough to try communicating with each other.   More than in a hashtag or a tweet or shouts across the protest lines.

Sound naïve?  Something too pat and simple like “lets agree to disagree?”  Let’s see first if we can agree to even engage!

What progress could we make toward reuniting if we stopped donning “f—k your feelings” t-shirts and started asking, “who are you really?”

What if underneath we discover we have a same feeling?  A horrible fear we are losing our country.

What if our wanting to only be with like- minded, like skinned, like voting folks has now made us scary myopic?

What if the Trumpeters and the Bernie Sanders followers began talking and figuring out on what points they have full agreement?


What if reasonable Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill hammered out healthcare as we talk about taking responsibility for our health by not abusing recreational drugs, alcohol and the food and sodas we know make us sick?

What if we have no shortage of content (and theatrics) served daily  but what we are low on is context?

What if in talking we discover we are it!  As were the generations who may have come before us and will come after.

What if all this started as far back (and further) than the Civil War in l865 and the Civil Rights movement a hundred years later?

What if the population now is more than l0 times what it was?

What if the emotional blows we assumed had dissolved with time didn’t?

If the Band- Aid that stopped the bleeding finally had to fall off and now the deep cleaning has to begin?

What if we are the scrub brushes?

And we are all the minorities now.  No one left behind.

What if as California had a jump start on discovering we are better as a minority than we were as the majority?

What if we spent enough time in dialogue with one another to understand how people think and live in the South is different than how they see things in New York? And that’s not changing.

Because no one person or President can make people stay away or all the damage go away.

What if we come to see our similarities and have patience for our differences?

What if  millennials and younger can teach us by the very fact they are raised in a world where diversity is not such a big deal?

That there’s perspective worth listening to from a senior who has a lifetime of our history behind her?

What if there’s a better way to come together than beginning with the grammar school standby, “He started it!  She started it!

If in conversation we’re not aiming to demonize or canonize?  Or even come away singing “Kumbaya” together?

What if we each just start by braving one conversation?

If we start with a friendly “Hello!”

My name is……