It’s complicated.  Really complicated.

There’s social responsibility and then there’s personal responsibility.

Sigmund Freud said, “most people are frightened of responsibility.”

Which gets me wondering…  There’s 7.5 billion people on the planet all responsible for their lives whether they’re conscious of it or not.

How many of us have ever stopped to think what this even means to us personally?

How many of us live in countries or situations where we have the freedom to even think such a thought?

Freedom is a responsibility.

A big word that may bring up a rough memory or two from childhood of being scolded or rewarded.

But at this point it’s not about whether we’re good or bad.  It’s whether we are even awake.

Are we sleep walking or walking the talk?

What if …

We can’t stop watching reality TV and  can’t figure out how  we’ve become it.

We curse corporations’ part in climate change and aren’t aware of our own carbon footprint.

We’re infuriated by fake news and infatuated by our own gossip.

We blame, we shame, we wash, rinse and repeat… But none of that changes us.

We’re disappointed by our educational system but how many will put down their iPhone to read a book?

We feel helpless over the direction our country is headed and can’t get around our own block without a GPS.

We can’t stand the mayhem and won’t sit to meditate.

We leave the house too late then blame the traffic for going too slow. (There’s a whole lot of blaming going on out there.)

What if being personally responsible means we don’t need to take on the responsibility for the choices of others?

What if we’re responsible to question how we’re so certain we know what we know?

To keep an open mind.

To keep our side of the street clean.

To realize we’re accountable for what we do and what we don’t do today. And how that affects tomorrow.

To accept the hand  we’ve been dealt and spend time thanking The Dealer.

To not assign all the blame and not need to take all the credit.

To have the courage to be awake and compassion for those who aren’t there yet.

To not hang out for years at a time in self- pity and regret.

To brush your teeth, shake a tail feather, break loose with a laugh and enjoy  when you’re in joy.

To not abandon love even if a break up is what has to happen.

To be responsible for the gifts you were born with.

To  keep giving what we’ve been given.

To remember there are erasers on pencils for a reason.

We can revise and become the change we want to see.

Because  we’re responsible for our lives being a mess or a masterpiece.

Here’s to your masterpiece.