As a child, you may have had an adult tell you more than once, “don’t go looking for trouble because for sure it will then come looking for you.”

Even if you didn’t fully understand the words, their tone made it clear.  Warning!  Be good or you’ll find bad.  Steer clear of dangerous notions in your head.

And this got me thinking: what if it’s not just trouble calling our name but the good stuff, too?

Our desire to get top grades or ride a horse or perform?

Dreams of what we’d be when we grew up?  If only the adults could have learned for themselves more definitively how all this works.  Things like:

What we most think about we most bring about.

We are each other’s selfies.  Always a reflection of each other.

If you see beauty in yourself, you’ll find beauty wherever you go.

Seek and you shall find.  Plant seeds and you shall find. But the seeds take time to grow.

Like us. Who knew?

But now – poof!   You’ve grown to have a job and a mortgage and maybe even a child of your own.

And who has time to think about those big thoughts?

Big thoughts need big attention.  Even contemplation.  And focusing like that is tough.

But we keep planting and praying for patience.

While we’re looking for what’s also looking for us:

A creative solution, that special someone, our car keys.

We’ve heard these things could be right beside you or behind you. Right under your nose.

We cannot help but keep seeking.  But what if we seek a little differently?  Even lightly.

What if life’s call is to take on more the fun of a scavenger hunt and less the demands of a mighty crusade?

What if doing our best to understand the Law of Attraction, we’re watching our thoughts like a hawk.

But we’re not seeking first to plant where the seeds more powerfully thrive- Our hearts?

What if you find the world you seek is the world you thought the world should be when you were a child?

The reality within you.  And now you’re exhausted from years of playing hide and seek.

In that world that is never hiding.

What if the good and wonderful and the peace                                                                                                                                   we seek is gently tapping its fingers on the table just waiting to be recognized?

To be received.  To be let in.

So now what will you look for?