Is it just me?  Or does it seem more people are hacking, sneezing and fevering their way longer through this flu season than ever?  I’m for sure one of them.  Our family doc said this strain lasts from l0 to l4 days.  But I’ve gone far past the l4. Plus, now my daughter has it. Hashtag miserable.

Let’s face it –it’s humbling when your body hands you a ‘time out’  that reminds us of the facts –  we’re always running out of time. Tick tock.  Meanwhile your mind is running a marathon.  Do I need Zinc?  Have I got Zika?   

I can’t decide how much of my virus is me and how much is just this dreadful, unrelenting  news cycle.. If our emotions and thoughts lodge into our bodies, we’re a nation of short circuiting cells and exhausted systems. You can leave the news alone but it doesn’t leave you. I know I’m not alone.

And somehow, whether you’re a party of one or a bevy of bubbies delivers chicken soup to youe bedside, you know it’s just you.  An existential alone.

What to do with yourself?  Clean a closet?  Go to the office anyway?   Sweat it out at the gym?  Feed a cold?  Starve a fever?

But  I’m wondering: what if all we’re really supposed to do when we’re sick is sleep?  Really!

What if when we’re our most helpless is not the right day to figure out our life plans?  Five years? Ten?   Even though it’s our mind’s favorite.

What if yours tells you, ‘this is how we get control’ over what we really have no control over? 

What if it’s okay to fear feeling out of control?

Who likes to feel their scheduled plans are on hold until, that is, they’re well enough to wish they could scratch a few off their calendar?

What if the doctor who said, “please don’t confuse your internet search with my medical degree,” knew what he was talking about?

What if you know on all your 500 channels there’s still nothing to watch if you feel like hell?

What if meanwhile, in your subconscious, the greatest show on earth is on the screen.  The plans are all perfectly in place. It’s already done.

The Dali Lama himself said, “sleep is the best meditation.”

What if you just have a touch of amnesia – that if it won’t be long before you’ll be back to your ‘old self’ and wishing if only  you could just take a nap?

What if we can trust our cells are constantly regenerating?  That nature is on the field.. That the news cycle is constantly regurgitating?  That you’ll miss nothing, 

What if permission is granted to do what we apparently we never do enough of.  Sleep.


And  be ever so grateful.  The flu flies.

Life is beautiful.