Every archetype tends to have its own conversation style!

By studying these conversation patterns, we can start to identify them in the people we encounter throughout the day and come to understand others on a much more intimate level!

Loves to talk about:

Projects, Art, Dreams

What Creatives will share:

Creatives are all about self-expression and will happily tell you about things they’ve made, objects of beauty that they appreciate and/or those that inspire them. When it comes to small talk they’re happy to chat about museums, literature, art books and learning. They love to give and receive information through art.

Other Creative expressions include:

Performer, Creator, Storyteller

Loves to talk about:

Challenges, Wins, Accomplishments

What Athletes will share:

Athletes love to talk strategy – whether it’s about accomplishing their goals or how they can help you accomplish yours!  When it comes to small talk, they’re happy to chat about their favorite teams, sports, or last night’s game. Athletes love to quantify information and talk stats.

Other Athlete expressions include:

Competitor, Sportsman/woman, Outdoorsman/woman

Loves to talk about:

Smack, Sex, Crazy Stories

What Rebels will share:

Rebels have a strong sense of outrage and a knack for having fun which makes them adept at sharing tips on wreaking havoc, exacting revenge, charming the pants off someone and rolling the perfect joint. When it comes to small talk, nothing is off limits – sex, drugs, rock n roll. They learn most lessons the hard way and are usually delighful conversationalists who are happy to share their knowledge.

Other Rebel expressions include:

Maverick, Rogue, Iconoclast

Loves to talk about:

Whatever is going on with you!

What Caregivers will share:

Caregivers are excellent listeners and usually focused on stuff outside of themselves. When it comes to small talk, they love to chat about their family, friends, home, food and love! They keep abreast of current events through what’s going on in the lives of others.

Other Caregiver expressions include:

Nurturer, Lover, Rescuer, Best Friend

Loves to talk about:

Ideas, Opinions, Change

What Visionaries will share:

Visionaries love to talk about new ideas, share their opinions about the lastest and greatest technologies or new discoveries, and are the best people to brainstorm with. When it comes to small talk they love to chat about mysteries, gadgets, business ideas, and solutions to current world problems. They’re visual communicators who forever question everything.

Other Visionary expressions include:

Innovator, Guide, Dreamer

Loves to talk about:


What Performers will share:

Performers are amongst the chattiest of people and their favorite subject is themselves! They’re typically hilarious and/or very good storytellers. When it comes to small talk, their favorite subjects are theater, film, music, television, and celebrity gossip – bonus points for any and all pop culture.

Other Performer expressions include:

Entertainer, Actor, Headliner

Loves to talk about:

Success, Power

What Royals will share:

Royals love to talk about successes – theirs and others’. They exude regalness and love to make small talk about fine dining, travel and charity. They’re usually very direct and tend to speak at a fast pace.

Other Royal expressions include:

Executive, Philanthropist, Socialite

Loves to talk about:

Gossip, Etiquette, Shopping

What Tastemakers will share:

Tastemakers are the best people to talk to about styling and improving your appearance. They’re graceful and witty and love to make small talk about shopping, gossip, and the latest crazes (juice cleanses, new hot bars, cars, trends). They give and receive most of their info while out on the scene.

Other Tastemaker expressions include:

Host, Stylist, Diva

Loves to talk about:

Other Dimensions, Spirits, The Meaning of Life

What Spirituals will share:

Spirituals aren’t afraid to look deep into your eyes when they talk to you! They love to get in-depth about spiritual practices – prayer, tarot, yoga, meditation, palm and astrology readings. You name it, they’re game! They know not all questions can be answered. For them, life’s a journey and conversations with these types can feel like one too!

Other Spiritual expressions include:

Mystic, Healer, Seeker

Loves to talk about:

Travel, Adventure, Experience

What Explorers will share:

Explorers love to push themselves and are curious, open-minded people. They love to talk about other cultures, exotic locales, where they’ve been and where they’re going next. They love to share their personal experiences with others.

Other Explorer expressions include:

Adventurer, Traveler, Trailblazer

Loves to talk about:

Causes, What’s Right, What’s Wrong

What Advocates will share:

Advocates are able to articulate their deepest feelings really well, which makes them easy to talk to. They love speaking about volunteer opportunities, little escapes into nature, self-care methods, hopes, fears, and change. They’re excellent researchers and love to share valuable information.

Other Advocate expressions include:

Naturalist, Crusader, Defender

Loves to talk about:

Substance, Academia, Facts

What Intellectuals will share:

The Intellectual knows how to ask all the right questions! A conversation with one can seem like both an oration and a fact-finding mission. They love to make “small” talk about literature, academia, the law, and science. They’re excellent resources for expertise on a number of subjects and have an insatiable need for more information from the world around them – including you!

Other Intellectual expressions include:

Professional, Student, Judge